Heather Speert has been working as a licensed Esthetician and a Registered Nurse for over 30 years. She started her career working with patients in the oncology and hospice settings, which instilled her beliefs in the importance of touch and holistic wellness. Heather also worked as an operating room nurse where she witnessed the skin's healing process following injuries and surgeries.

After years of practice, Heather followed her passion for skin care and aesthetics to a plastic surgeon's practice. Here, she was met by an environment that matched her passion for skin health and learned about the importance of proper skin conditioning and professional skincare regimens. Heather also begin treating a variety of skin types and learned how each, and potential disorders, responded to treatment. Heather became a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist through the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses to certify her experience with a variety of aesthetic treatments, including injections, light-based treatments, and radiofrequency treatments.

Heather is also a Clinical Nurse Trainer for InMode. She travels along the east coast to train medical professionals on how to use trending aesthetic devices. With InMode, Heather has learned that there are many treatment options and can stay updated on the current trends in treatments and procedures.

Heather has since expanded her scope to aesthetics and wellness. To meet the needs of a changing society, Heather became a cannabis nurse and consults with medical professionals and clients about the current research on medical cannabis usage. She is also an ambassador for and offers services using a PEMF device that promotes overall wellness.

With her experience and education, Heather Speert would like to help you achieve your wellness and aesthetic goals to help you look and feel your best.


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Heather has joined her medical director, Dr. Peter Uggowitzer, and Carroll Family Medicine. If you are a Hampstead local and looking for a practice to become established with, Carroll Family Medicine is a great choice. Dr. Uggowitzer and his team ensure that their patients receive the treatment they need, as quickly and easily as possible. To learn more about Carroll Family Practice and contact their team, please click the button below.